Finding insurance for your unoccupied house shouldn’t be that difficult

Insuring unoccupied is absolutely essential. It’s a proven fact that unoccupied property is at much greater risk from things such as theft, vandalism and fire so to leave it uninsured is a huge gamble. There are many providers of unoccupied property insurance online so you’ll have no trouble finding a policy at a competitive rate.

It’s easy to assume that your property will be covered by your regular home insurance but once the property has been left unoccupied for a certain amount of time (typically 30 days) then your home insurance policy becomes void and your property is essentially unprotected.

Who Needs Unoccupied Property Insurance?

There are two main groups of people who take out unoccupied property insurance – landlords and homeowners. Let’s look at the scenarios for both to see why unoccupied property insurance would be necessary

  • Landlords – It’s very common for landlords to have property that’s unoccupied for extended periods. This can be due to a number of different reasons. Firstly if they’re newly acquired properties that need to be renovated or furnished. Another scenario would be when the properties have had a tenant leave unexpectedly and a new tenant has yet to be found.
  • Homeowners – For homeowners, there are a few reasons why they might need unoccupied property insurance. A very common reason is when going away for an extended holiday. Unless you’re able to find someone to housesit, then unoccupied property insurance will be required.

Another common reason is when having the property extended to an extent where alternative accommodation is necessary. A lot of homeowners assume that because there are contractors working on their property, this means it’s not unoccupied, but this isn’t the case.

Types of Cover

  • Building Insurance – Building insurance is certainly important for unoccupied properties. The risk of extended damage due to fire and flooding is certainly increased when the property is unoccupied so having building insurance in place is vital.
  • Contents Insurance – When a property is left unoccupied, often the contents are what is going to attract thieves. Therefore it’s always a good idea to get contents insurance as part of a policy.
  • Water Damage – Water damage can be very costly to repair so it’s always wise to include this in a policy.
  • Property Owner’s Liability – If a member of public were to become injured as a result of your property being unsafe, for example from a falling tile, then you could find yourself face a very heft liability claim. This being the case – getting property owner’s liability is never a bad idea.

The Best Way to Get Quotes

By far the best way to obtain quotes for unoccupied property insurance is online (you can find out more here); specifically through using insurance comparison websites. Insurance comparison sites are ideal for people who want to get quotes from different insurance providers without having to contact them individually. This saves you a great deal of time and can also save you a lot of money.

Making the Most of the Web to Save on Insuring Your Taxi


When you drive a taxi for a living it’s essential to get an insurance policy that will cover you for all the risks you face on the road. Taxis require a special type of policy because they’re used for hire or reward, which means things like public liability have to be taken into consideration. Below you’ll find details on the different types of taxi insurance as well as cover options and ways to save money.

Types of Taxi Insurance

  • Private Hire – Private hire taxis can only be pre-booked and may not display a ‘taxi’ sign on the cab. They’re typically cheaper to insure due to the lower risks.
  • Public Hire – Public hire taxis can be hailed from the street as well as booked in advance. Driving a public hire taxi comes with greater risk,   therefore insurance is usually more expensive when compared to a private hire taxi.

Cover Options

  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive cover is always recommended for both public and private hire taxis. It provides the most protection for collisions, which is essential when spending so many hours on the road.
  • Third Party Only – Third party only is the cheapest type of cover you can get but will not provide any protection for your own vehicle if you’re involved in an accident that you’re at fault for.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft – The same as third party insurance only fire and theft are now included in the policy.
  • Public Liability Insurance – This is a must for all taxi drivers. Liability claims are always a risk. Having public liability insurance will ensure that you’re able to withstand these types of claims.
  • Fleet Insurance – If your own a taxi firm and want to insure your cabs under one policy then fleet insurance gives you an ideal way to do this.

Additional Cover

  • Loss of Licence – Loss of licence is an extremely useful type of additional cover. It will ensure that you’re compensated if you’re unable to work for a period of time.
  • Breakdown Assistance – Breakdown assistance is something that most insurance providers will offer as an addition to your policy.
  • Windscreen & Glass Repair – Another extremely useful type of additional cover you can get with your policy.

How to Save Money

When looking for taxi insurance, it’s always important to take every step you can to save money. Below are some great ways to do this -

  • Secure Your Vehicle – You should ensure that your cab is fitted with an alarm and central locking. In addition to this you should have it parked as securely as possible, ideally in a locked garage.
  • Pay Upfront – If you’re able to pay for the policy upfront rather than monthly, most insurance providers will offer you a significant discount.
  • Get Multiple Quotes – Getting multiple quotes is by far the most reliable way to save money on taxi insurance. Price can vary a lot from one insurance provider to another so you should always shop around when looking for taxi insurance online.

Finding Quotes Online

When looking for quotes online, you have a couple of different options. You can either seek out insurance providers and request quotes individually or you can use an insurance comparison service. The great benefit to using an insurance comparison site is that you’ll be able to get a lot of quotes by filling in one form.

This is obviously a much quicker and easier way of doing things. Once you’ve got your quotes you can then compare them and decide which insurance provider offers you the best policy at the lowest price. There are many insurance comparison sites online so you won’t have a problem getting taxi insurance quotes in this way.

Thanks to Multiquote Taxi for the article where insurance providers compete to save you money on your insurance premiums.

Music of the 1950s, Wow!

The type of music people listen to and enjoy changes frequently. In fact a change in the choice of music preferred by people can be noticed every ten years. People belonging to different generations have different music choices. Some prefer jazz, some rock, some like pop while some others are into heavy metal.

50s Wedding Band

The music of 1950’s is said to be one of the best period for music. The music of 1950s saw a number of genres making their way to the listener’s heart. Some of the most popular music genres of the 1950s were Rock and Roll, Country music, Swing Music, Pop music, Rockabilly and R&B. It was in this very decade that Elvis Presley started his career and became the sound of rock and roll.

As a tribute to this golden era of music, Jimi Jive 5 has come together to recreate the magic of 1950s. This talented group of musicians exclusively plays the music from the 1950s. Isn’t that a treat to your ears? This band will take you straight to the 1950s. Right from their costumes to their performance, from their instruments to their style everything will remind you of the 1950s.

Things to Consider When Arranging Live Music Events

Do you want to organize a live music show but don’t know how to make that possible? Here are a few points that will help you make your choice.

  • Budget

You need to decide the budget of the show. Based on that, you can decide the musicians or bands to perform in your show, the decoration of your show, the food and drinks and arrangements. If you have a small budget, you can keep the decorations light and the food simple. As far as the music is concerned, you can ask a popular band to perform for a short time. This will reduce their fees.

  • Keep it entertaining

Doesn’t matter if you invite an upcoming musician or band, the most important thing about making the show successful is entertainment. The musicians or the band should know how to handle the audience and communicate with them.  As long as the music is entertaining and the audience is enjoying it, you don’t need to worry.

If you are looking for a band to play for you, you can consider Jimi Jive 5. It is a band with a difference and plays songs exclusively from 1950s. They also play other songs on request.






Wedding Entertainment

Weddings are a time to celebrate, and no celebration is complete without music. Music creates an atmosphere of joy and fun. Because music is also about emotions in addition to the instruments, it has a special significance in weddings. Wedding is one of the most important and beautiful events in the life of any person. Everyone dreams of having a picture perfect wedding.

One thing that plays an important role in making your wedding celebration enjoyable is the music that is played during your wedding. So, the kind of music you choose for your wedding is important. It should go with the theme of your wedding. Weddings are supposed to be traditional, so the music played at the wedding should go hand in hand with that. Wedding is an occasion that brings the whole family of the bride and the groom together and marks the start of a new relationship. So the music should be celebratory, romantic, as well as playful so that everyone attending the wedding enjoys the music.



Live Music, A No Brainer!

Music is loved by many people. No matter who the person is or what his personality traits are, no one can stop themselves from tapping their feet to the beats of music. Everyone has their own set of favorite genres of music which very well reflect in their playlists. Music is even like a friend to some people – they celebrate with music when they are happy and console themselves with music them when they are sad.

Remember the last time you attended the live concert of your favorite band and you couldn’t stop dancing to their tunes? Or how you displayed a sudden burst of energy which lasted throughout the concert? That is the power of live music.

Of the various genres of music, live music is one of the few kinds that bring out the best of your emotions as it plays live, in front of you. Live music has the ability to make you dance, sing and even cry with it.