How Does Physiotherapy Work And Other Things You Should Know

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Physiotherapy is a field of health care that is aimed at assessing, diagnosing and treating ailments through physical means. With the guidance of a physiotherapist, the patients use a regimen physical means and manual techniques to reduce the severity of injury to body and the pain caused by injury after accidents.

However, this field does not only work as an approach to rehabilitation after suffering from injuries. It can be used to prevent diseases and management of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. The main aim of physiotherapy is to improve the mobility of the patients in question by activating muscles.

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The Various Approaches To Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is not a one approach suit all. On the contrary, every patient is unique and as such, the treatment will be designed for the patient’s unique needs and circumstances. It is for this reason that consulting your physiotherapist every so often is important so as to keep your therapy in line with progress.

However, there approaches to treatment a broadly similar. These include;

Exercising And Movements

These are approaches used for injured individuals who have suffered physical ailments that have resulted to a dilapidation of their movement capability. The main aim of this approach is to activate the affected muscles, gradually increasing the muscles strengths. With time, the patient develops muscles strength and muscle memory thereby improving the mobility substantially.

The activities involved in this approach include walking and swimming. Patients who suffer from diabetes, strokes or heart disease also use this approach in their rehabilitation.

Manual Therapy Approach

This specific approach is designed to relieve pain, improve the circulation of blood, improve the movement of different body parts and help the patient’s body drain fluids more efficiently. This approach involves therapy sessions with the physiotherapist at scheduled intervolves where the therapist is involved with activating the muscles of the patients.

Leg Stretch

One of the best examples used in this approach is massage therapies. Some studies have shown that massage therapies are very effective in reducing the pain as it reduces the pressure on joints when done correctly. It has also been proven that massage therapy is very helpful in activating muscles among patients that suffering from immobilizing ailments. (Some of these back exercises might do wonders as well)

This approach has been used effectively with other approaches to improve the physical state of patients mostly by reducing the pain that patients feel among patients with chronic muscle pain.


This is an approach where fine needles are inserted into specific parts body. This approach targets to reduce the amount of muscle pain around various parts of the body. Common target areas include the back.

It is very effective but must be carried out by an experienced physiotherapist as it can be very dangerous, leading to never damage when done improperly.

Ultra-Sound Approach

This is an approach that is used to treat deep muscle injuries. A high-frequency sound wave is directed into the injured area stimulating the muscles. The high frequency helps the muscles to relax.

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